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Payment Methods

Fee paid by School vs Feed paid by Students

Harmonia has two types of payment methods: Fee paid by School and Feed paid by Students. During the planning stage of a course, you can select the type of payment you want to apply by visiting the course's Course Settings page.

Fee paid by School

If your school has already obtained a site license from Harmonia, select Fee Paid By School in the Course settings page.

On the same page, if you already have site license code(s) in hand, enter them in the Site License Code field. If you do not have the license code available, simply leave the Site License Code blank. During the activation process, Harmonia staff will communicate with you to get it set up.

Students enrolled in a course which uses Site License do not have to pay for the Course content access.

Fee paid by Students

The student fee is based on the length of the course as entered on the Course Settings page. By default, your students will be expected to pay for the course as part of their registration process, but Harmonia grants a free, two week (14 day) grace period during which students can access all available course content made visible to them without having to pay up front. This date is set automatically based on the Course Period start date entered on the Course Settings page. Note that students may be reminded by Harmonia to purchase their course license during the free access period. If a student fails to complete their purchase before the grace period ends, their access to the course content will be temporarily blocked until payment is received.

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