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Configuring Page Setup

Page Setup settings affect global aspects of the document such as its size and layout. To activate the Page Setup Editor, select Page Setup...from the File menu to display the editor in the sidebar on the right.

Format & Orientation

Use the dropdown menu to set the document's page size to Letter, Legal, Tabloid, or A4. The other dropdown menu sets the orientation to either Portrait or Landscape.


Margins are defaulted to 1.00 inch on all sides. It sets the width of the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margins of the document.


Layout controls how the document's pages scroll. It is defaulted to Vertical, and can be set to Horizontal and One Continuous.

Vertical scrolls vertically and the content is separated into pages when spaces are filled:

Horizontal scrolls to the right horizontally and the content is separated into pages when spaces are filled:

One Continuous scrolls vertically as one continuous page:


The Page Colors group provides controls to add line fill and page fill markers to a page. If a line- fill object is added to a page line, the next object added to the page will start on the next line below the filled line. Similarly, if a page-fill marker is added to a page, the next object added to the document will begin on a new page.