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Viewing records

When students grade their homework on the computer, Harmonia uploads the completed homework and grade report to the server. Teachers can view and download the records through the course dashboard. To view student records, go to the course dashboard and click the "Records" on the left of the dashboard. This will bring you to the records page.

Harmonia presents student records in several ways. A teacher can choose to view records for all students re a specific student. One can also filter records by assignment set and document.

Download spreadsheet

Teachers can download the spreadsheet of course records by clicking the Download Records button on the records page. The content of the downloaded file matches the settings of the filters. In other words, teachers can choose to download records for one student, all students, for one assignment set or all assignment sets, and by score, by percent, and by letter grade. Teachers can also choose to download grades for all documents or only those that are count toward course grade.