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Grading Assignments

Use one of the following commands to grade an Assignment or Practice document after you have completed it:

  • Click the large white check mark (Grade button) located to the left of the top bar.
  • Type ⌘G (Mac) or Ctrl + G (Windows).
  • Select File▸Grade Document from the main menu bar.

After you perform one of the grading actions, Harmonia will evaluate every exercise in the document and--if an error is found--deduct point values established by your teacher. The evaluation process is instantaneous. Once completed, error annotations (if any) will automatically appear on the score and the letter grade for the document will be visible beside the Grade button on the left side of the window:

Assignment and Practice Documents

Gradable Harmonia documents come in two types: Assignment andPractice. You can identify the type of your current document by clicking the triangle to the left of the document title in the Assignment Browser. Find information about the document’s type, due date, grading policy, and your submission and grading history.

An Assignment document is composed of exercises that must be completed in full before submission for grading. Assignments may be set to Single Submission—meaning that the Assignment may only be opened, completed, and graded once—or set to Multiple Submission—meaning that the Assignment may be opened, completed, and graded an unlimited number of times.

Practice documents, on the other hand, are all set to be opened, completed, and graded an unlimited number of times. Teachers can additionally designate any Practice document to include Incremental Grading, described below.

If the document’s Incremental Grading option is selected by your teacher, Harmonia only checks filled-in entries when grading the document. Users can grade Incremental Grading practice documents and receive grading feedback from Harmonia as many times as desired.

After grading, simply re-select it in the Assignment browser to start over from scratch or select the File▸ContinuePractice in the menu bar to keep your existing answers and continue your work. Incremental Grading enables users to determine their mastery of a concept or skill without having to complete an entire page of exercises.

A Note About Lesson Documents

If the document (such as a Lesson) doesn't contain any gradable items, Harmonia will not show the grade button. In this case, you do not need to worry about submitting the document. Note, however, that some Lesson documentsin the Harmonia Content Library contain gradable material such as short “Try It” exercises. Such documents will appear in your course list as a Practice orAssignment document.

The Grade Report

When a Practice or Assignment documentis graded the assessment information is collected into a grade report and automatically sent to your course. Once the grade has been submitted you can inspect the completed grade report by clicking the Show Grade Report button in the File menu, which will open the report in your default browser:

Uploading Assignments to the Cloud

Grading a document requires Internet connection to send the grade report to your course. If you grade an Assignment without Internet connection, the document will be graded, but the grade report will be queued for sending until such time that your Internet connection is working.

Certain other grading behaviors depend on how your teacher has configured the assignment.

  • An assignment may permit you to re-take/re-grade it multiple times. For multiple submissions, all graded Assignment submissions are stored on the course page for viewing by the users and teachers, but depending on the settings, your assignment grade in the online course grade book will reflect either the highest score or the most recent score. Users may view each submission by selecting each from the pulldown menu online in the document viewer on the Harmonia Dashboard. If Multiple submission is unchecked, then only the first (earliest) grade will appear in the online grade book. Users may also access grading history for single documents from inside the app. Click on the triangle to the left of the Assignment/Practice document name to reveal information and grading history. Clicking on the triangle next to the Grading History will reveal all submission times/dates and grades.
  • Viewing the grading results of your completed assignment may be delayed until a certain time and date established by your teacher. In that case you will not know your results until after the due date has arrived.