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Configure Assignment Sets

On the Assignments tab of your course dashboard, clicking the pencil icon or the Add Assignment Set button when adding a new set takes you to the Assignment Set edit page, where you can configure your assignment set. Each assignment set has its own Assign Date and Due Date. More importantly, it contains a few harmonia (.har) files students will access through the Harmonia app, complete the assignments, and turn them in. On the Assignment set edit page, all changes are saved automatically and instantly. There is no need to submit the change. To delete the entire assignment set, click the trash icon to the right of the set title. There are two ways to add documents to an assignment set when you are on the assignment set edit page:

Method 1: Add documents from Harmonia's Content Library

Click the Assignment tab in the courseā€²s main page.

After clicking on the Add Assignment Set button, a message will appear to show that the assignment set has been successfully created, and you will be redirected to the Assignment Sets page. You can then modify the settings including the Title, Assigned Date, Due Date, and Due Date Extensions.

Click the Add From Content Library button will bring up a window that has a list of topics on its left. Scroll down to see all the topics, and expand a topic to see its content by clicking the arrow on the right of the topic.

When a topic is expanded, you will see a list of files in this topic. Click the plus icon to select the file to be added to your set, or click the eye icon to preview the file. You can also click the Add All button to select all of the files in the topic. To unselect a file, simply click the trash icon.

The selected files are listed on the left corner of the content library window. Once you are done selecting the files, click the Add to Assignment Set button. You will be redirected to the Assignment Sets page, and find the newly-added files being attached to the list.

Edit files

To edit the files, click the arrow to the left of the file name, you will then be able to change the file name and settings, preview the lesson, and download the lesson.

Rearrange files

To re-order the files in an assignment set, simply move your cursor to the file index to the left of the file name, and when the cursor turns into a hand icon, drag and drop the file up and down to desired location. The file index will change accordingly.